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Vanyel Ashkevron
Player Information
Player Name Zazzle Contact [plurk.com profile] zazzle | allegoriest#2856
AKA Also playing Allen Walker ([personal profile] allmadeofstars). You may know me as Mikogami & Tristan (Court), Waver Velvet (Mirinae & Thusia), Nezumi & Kanda (Thusia), mod of Aather
Character Basics
Character Name Vanyel Ashkevron Series/Canon The Last Herald-Mage Trilogy
AU/PG/Canon Point Between Price & Pawn Game(s) [community profile] quietmounds
Canon Details Vanyel is being taken from the period of time between two books where he's just become a Herald but before he's become a long-suffering war hero. He's still fairly young and coming into his powers a little, but he's been doing his job as a Herald for a little while.
Character Details
Age 19/20 Hair/Eyes Black hair with noticeable premature white streaks/SHINING SILVER EYES
Height/Weight Slender, not overly tall but not particularly short Notable Traits Fantasy protagonist beautiful.
15 Second Summary Vanyel is a Herald-Mage, someone with magical powers and a Good Heart that was Chosen by a magical talking horse to uphold the law and protect the people of his fantasy kingdom, Valdemar. Vanyel goes through a long arc of not fitting in, working to overcome prejudice, depression, nearly dying as his magical powers got "blasted" into existence, and the burden of losing his soulbonded lover in a really dreadful way. Vanyel is very intelligent, beautiful, charming, lonely, and super bad at making friends (or recognizing when he has them). He's driven to help and protect people, though he'll be extremely out of his element in a modern setting. Please, help him.
Quiet Mounds
Living Either the apartments or at the farm Working The Farm
There Since New arrival Starter Pack Megaphone, Swiss Army Knife, tootsie roll pop, second set of shoes
Clothing If unspecified: a fitted dark blue t-shirt and slim jeans, under a long zip-up black hoodie. Otherwise, may be wearing all white antiquated-looking "fantasy" clothing. Think "tunic" and "breeches" and white boots.
Abilities & Permissions
Abilities Vanyel is super duper magically powerful. He can read minds, sense emotions, see prophecies of the future, a little bit of Healing, and can sense magic in the world and in other people. He can Fetch (move things telekinetically) and . . . honestly, there's not much he can't do. That said, his defences against other magics are very very good so if you're trying to influence him in any way, I'd like to know. Otherwise—he has a very strong moral code and will not actually try to read other peoples' minds or talk to them telepathically without permission.
Permissions I don't really have any hard "no" stuff with RP, but please get in contact with me if there's going to be any attempt at violence or coercion, since, as noted above, Vanyel is godly powerful. He's reactive rather than proactive, so unless you're trying to start a fight, he's probably not going to do anything with them. cw suicide: Please let me know if you want to avoid mentions of suicide since it's a pretty big thing in TLHM.
Sensing Although Vanyel doesn't read minds without permission, he doesn't really have an easy "off" switch for sensing magic (or power) in other people, or sensing their emotions. Please let me know (either OOCly or just in action tags if there's anything magical or special he should be sensing. Including some details about emotions now and then would be great as well, especially if a character is particularly upset or hiding something.

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Vanyel Ashkevron